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Poetry and English Figure
*Poetry: is the art of the writing poem.
*Layout: is too important to destingues a poem from a prose. It is the way in wich words arranged on pepar.
*Lines: is a group of words.
*Stanzas: is a group of lines.
*Poet: is how writes a poem
*Rhyme: identity of sound in the final syllables of words. The rhyme has rhyme scheme.

*Internal rhyme: when two rhyming words appear within the same line we have an internal rhyme.
*Rhythm: the beat created by the arrangemente of stressed and unstressed syllables.
*Allitteration: is the repetition of the same conosonant sound at the beginning of words.
*Assonance:is the repetition of a vowel sound with a different end consonant.
*Consonance: is the repetition of the end consonant with a different vowel sound.
*Onomatoepia: creation and use of words which imitate the sound that they describe.
*Repetition: a unifying device between sound and meaning is repetition.
*Enjambement: another important device, which involves rhthm, meaning and syntax. it consists in the grammatical continuation from one line to the next.
*Narrative poetry: is poetry which tells a story. The ballad can also be included into narrative poetry because it contains a story.
*Dramatic poetry: the speakers act out roles, and must not be identified with the poet.
*Lyric poetry: it expresses an intense mood or feeling of a single speaker, usually identified with the poet. What makes a poemsignificant as a work of art is the universal value of the emotions and concepts it expresses.
*Drama: is a form of ritnig meant to be performed in front of an audience.
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