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The Gothic novel

Main features
The main features of the Gothic novel are:
- the sublime, which is the aesthetic experience of terror, horror, astonichement descrived by Burke in his Philosophical Enquiry;
- darkness is the favourite setting in time;
- isolated places, for example castles;
- the presence of supernatural: ghost , monsters, vampiere, etc.;
- the presence of a hero, who saves a heroine, who is running from a villan or a monster;
- the suspence's effect, sometimes the relationship character-setting increas the suspence;
- ghostly, gloomy and creepy atmosphere are the favourite kind of atmosphere used by the author;
- the sence of mystery: secret, magic,enchantment, etc;
- elements of natures: wind, storms, rain , gust of wind blowing out lights, thunder and lighting,...;
- importance given to fear and terror: panic, fearing, scared, sorrow, horror, anguish, unhappy, etc.
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