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Drama is a form of wrting meant to be performed in front of an audience anche involves the uman element of
the contribution given by the actors and the director.

The Structure

A play is based on a story, and the way the story is organised and presented to the audience is the plot.
The plot involves not only the seguence of events but the way events relate to each other, in terms of cause and effect.

A play is usually divided into acts, and acts are divided into scenes.
Round Characters have the complexities and the behavior of real people and Stock characters, instead, are built around one single idea or quality, and never change in the course of the play.
Stage directions describe places and people, visual and sound effects, and explain how actors should behave on the stage
The Dialogue is the conversation of the characters.
The Monologue is a speech by one character which is heard by other characters present on the stage.
The Soliloquy there is when a character cpeaks ti the audience expressing his thoughts and feelings.

Kinds of Drama
A Tragedy is a play which has an unhappy ending and contains a complex emotional and intellectual patern that marks it out as being tragic.
A Comedy is a play which has a pleasant, amusing atmosphere and a happy ending.
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