In the USA on the Atlantic coast there are colonies that have not power, because have to respect the British system of government.
In 1773, there was a war because they have to pay taxes, but they have not representation.
In 1776, the American declaration of Independence is the most important event, which represent the spirit of liberty, equality, but also happiness, the possibility to live in accord, with peace. The happiness is the right to overthrow a new government that can guarantee a new system. This fact was possible because they have the spirit of freedom, rebellion and protest.
This influence the situation in England, in fact comes new ideals and some romantic artist was devoted on political ideals, based on social balance.
It transformed the French monarchy and conserved the sense of liberty and freedom. [libertà politica e sociale/individuale] This is a key in the romantic literature.

The revolution beginning in the 16-17 century and finished in the 18. The revolution in the UK correspond to a transformation in the organization. The textile industry was organised in the family, each member work and the family receive a compensation in money from a manager.

The change was that the industry expand. This was possible in the UK for different reason, after all Europe adopted the new method. The reason:
. because was reach in raw materials
. had the first dynasty represented by the textile industry
. was a reach country
. was a developed system of communication (weather)
. rice of population
. many scientific invention
. mentality centred on profit (culture)

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