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The purpose of this report is to describe my six-month experience at the art studio, explaining what I feel I have achieved so far, the problems I had and some suggestions on future training.

In these six months I have acquired knowledge that has helped me to improve my skills.
First of all, I learnt to give the interpretation that best corresponds to the client's concept of the illustration, sticking to what his request was but adding an original touch, so that the final product is something unique.
Another accomplishment was that of mastering digital tools to produce art, something I have wanted for a long time.

I have not come across any major problem, but there was a particular aspect of the job which I did not enjoy very much, and that was management. I do not really like anything linked to mathematics and economy, so that part was not so thrilling for me. Anyway, I understand that it is part of the job and must be done as well.

I observed that interns appreciate a lot when the staff involves them in their work, so if you want your trainees to leave the studio satisfied, I suggest you to get them more involved. For example, you could ask them to produce something original by the end of their internship.

To sum up, I am very excited to be working at the studio, and I hope my recommendation will be taken into consideration.

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