Video appunto: Retreat and Draw Back


To retreat is to move away from a place because it is dangerous or unpleasant, especially referring to soldiers moving away from a battle area.
The army was not able to take the hill from the enemy and was in great danger of being scattered when the general decided to retreat.
When the thunderstorm started, we quickly decided to retreat inside the university library for safety until the rain was over.

Retreat is also used to express figuratively moving away from people or things. The phrase retreat into your own shell means to withdraw yourself from society, as a turtle hides in his shell.
David retreated from many of his usual social engagements to spend more time with his family during his mother's illness.
Feeling very emotional after the death of her beloved husband, Stacy retreated from her friends and family and would not talk to anyone for several weeks.

Draw Back

To draw back means to choose not to do something you had intended to do. When you draw back from something, you try to avoid it. In British English, pull back would be used instead.
Parliament has decided to pull back from its attempts to reform the tax system, as most people are not that concerned about it.
Mable is drawing back from her commitment to teach the cooking class, as she realizes how much time and effort she will have to put into it.
To draw back can also mean to physically move away from something, usually because you are frightened or surprised.
When she heard the cats fighting and screeching outside in the front yard, Elizabeth suddenly started to draw back from the window.
Conrad dressed up as Santa Claus to surprise his kids on Christmas Eve, but when he saw them draw back in fear, he took off the beard and told them it was just Daddy.