The real value of rap


Rap was born in America by African Americans. It started by prisoners who created rhythms and they protested against their social situation. Some people said that the rap music was born by Jazz music, also created by African Americans. It’s more probably that the rap music was born by prisoners because also the rap style was born there. In fact the style of wear large clothes (that is a trend now) was born when prisoners wore their relative's or friends’s clothes because they hadn't anything there. And what about you? In your opinion, what’s the best version of the rap’s story? Jazz music or rhythms made by prisoners?

Real message of rap

As I told before, rap it’s a composition of rhythms and protests, sentences with sense. Sometimes, if there aren’t protests in a song, the rapper could talk about his situation or society. Now, rappers only talk about society and the world. There are a lot of people that don’t listen to rap music because there are fake rappers who talk about stupid things and the listener considers the rap as a stupid music. If you listen to “good” rap of the past, you can learn or know something new about the society and how it’s nasty thanks to these people who were brave to show the reality.
And you? What do you think about the rap music? Would you be interested on a rap lyric?

How does rap make me feel

In base of my mood, the rap music makes me feel in different ways. In fact when I feel good with myself, the rap makes me feel relaxed and with no worries. When I’m angry, nervous or understress, it makes me feel good and quiet because it seems the only one who understands me and it gives to me some advices. Instead, when I feel bad and sad, I find comfort in it.
And you, when you feel bad, in what do you find confort?

Famous rappers

Afrika Bamb was the first man who made the first jazz rhythms with his protests. If we listen to his songs now, we think that it isn’t rap music because rap songs of these days are quite different from the rap songs of the past. After him, there were a lot of singers, however we can find the best rappers in the ’80s and ’90s: Tupac ( who I have been listening since two years), Notorius B.I.G., Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, and so on. Have you ever heard these names? They made the real rap music because at the time there was a lot of crime and they had a lot of reasons to protest, so I think that it’s the REAL RAP.
What do you think about it?

Rap in Italy

In my Country, there are a lot of rappers like Marracash, Noyz Narcos, Fabri Fibra and others. I think that Marracash is the best italian rap singer because in his songs, except some of them, he spoke about his problems in this society and he didn’t, and he still doesn’t, speak about meaningless and stupid things, like drugs or alcool. I think that who speak about these things isn’t a good rapper.
Do you think so?
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