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An healthier life

Lead an healthy life is easy, you just have to cut down on bad habits and introduce healthier ones.

Firstly, I have to warn you against smoking and drinking too much caffeine and alcoholic drinks. Your diet is very important; in order to follow an healthy and equilibrate one it’s essential to eat everything in the right quantities, without eliminating any type of food.
You’ll need to eat larger portions of vegetables and fruits, portions of meat, fish, eggs but also smaller quantities of chocolate, especially the dark one.

You also have to do exercise regularly, at least twice a week. This is up to you, you can choose the sport you like the most, from swimming to running, from football to dancing. The important thing is to be steady and keep doing even when you feel extra tired. I would recommend doing sport outside, in open air, in large spaces, especially during sunny days. However, any sport you choose, whether inside or outside, it would be much more enjoyable if you do it with a friend. It is healthy and helps you to remain fit.

Furthermore, you have to reduce stress, in order to fell also mentally ( as well as physically ) healthy. Everyone has to deal with problems and it’s not stressing yourself too much that you’ll sort them out. Some methods to reduce stress and relax are doing yoga or simply sleeping the right amount of hours at night.

Being fit it’s not so difficult, it’s all about changing habits and it helps you to have an higher standard of life. Moreover it will lead you to spend more enjoyable days.
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