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Hair Dryer

A hair dryer, also sometimes spelled hair drier, is an electrical device that produces hot air, which people use to style hair or to dry wet hair. The device known as a hair dryer is also sometimes called a blow dryer or blow drier.
Ex: After cutting my hair, the stylist tried to straighten my curls by brushing my hair out while using a hair dryer.
Soon it became obvious that my thick hair would not straighten well using that technique.
Ex: We're almost ready to go, but Carol still needs to use the hair dryer. With how cold it is outside, she really shouldn't go out without drying her hair.
Another electrical device used to style hair is a curling iron, which is a heated rod that is used to create curls. Alternatively, a flat iron is a device that has two flat, metal discs and is used to straighten curly or wavy hair.
Ex: Jess does not have naturally curly hair; her hair is actually very straight. When she wants it curly, she has to spend hours curling it with a curling iron.
Ex: Even when using a flat iron, my hair is so curly that it takes hours to straighten. That's why I usually wear it curly.


Fringe, or bangs, refers to a line of hair cut and styled so that it lies over the forehead.
Ex: Haircuts with fringe have gone into and out of style many times over the years. Some influential people with fringe include the model Bettie Page, the actress Elizabeth Taylor for her role as Cleopatra, and the members of the band the Beatles.
Ex: Carol says that she wants to get her fringe trimmed because now the hair is so long it's starting to go into her eyes.
A bob cut is a short haircut, typically for women, in which the hair is cut straight around the head at jaw level, often with a fringe at the front.
Ex: The bob cut was quite fashionable in the 1920s in the United States, after having been popularised by actresses Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks.
Ex: When the bob cut first became popular, it was a shocking statement of independence, as older generations were used to seeing women with long hair.
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