Video appunto: Coastline and Shore


The coastline is the land along the coast or where the water of the sea or ocean meets the land.
Ireland is a beautiful country overall, but the most beautiful area has to be the western coastline. There are many rocky cliffs along the coast that must be seen.
We drove up the state highway, which follows the coastline.
It was a wonderful drive because you could look out over the ocean the whole way.
An adjective for something on or from the coast is coastal. When there is no clear danger or no people who might see you, we say the coast is clear.
I have always preferred living in coastal areas. I like being able to take a walk by the sea, and I prefer eating fresh seafood and enjoying the more relaxed, beach¬like atmosphere.
We wanted to surprise Tom on his birthday, so we snuck into his flat and put up balloons and other decorations. Sharon went first to check out the room and assure us that the coast was clear.


The shore is the land along the coastline, or where the sea or ocean meets the land.
After the conference, Lisa and Marcus decided to go up to the shore and have a picnic on the beach. They really enjoyed being able to see the sea while they were in town.
Sally walked along the shore all morning collecting seashells. She doesn't really like swimming, but she likes walking on the beach.
When a boat or a person comes from the sea onto the shore, we say they come ashore. A person who is on land who is usually at sea, like a sailor, is also ashore. To shore up is to hold up or support something. This can mean physically, like a building, or figuratively, like support a person emotionally or financially, or support an argument with facts.
The pirate captain pulled his small ship ashore and tied it to the dock. He spent the whole afternoon ashore drinking in a local tavern.
After she lost the first debate, Mary went on the web to get some articles and scientific studies to shore up her arguments. She was much more convincing with facts and figures.