Video appunto: Clear Out and Nonsense

Clear Out

To clear out is to leave or remove the contents of something. It also means to drive something or someone away forcibly.
When I was fired from my job last month, my boss didn't give me any explanation. He just told me to clear out my desk and leave the building.
A large group of students gathered in front of the Dean of the University's home to protest about the latest budget cuts.
They cleared out quickly when the police arrived to break up the demonstration.
Some types of clearing out require the use of tools, as in clearing out a clogged sink. In slang, clear out can refer to a place far away, as in clear out in the woods or not near any other dwellings.
The plumber used a metal snake to clear out the drain in my bathroom sink. Now I can run the water without the sink's filling up.
When I told John that I live on the shore of a pond quite a distance from town, he said, "You live clear out there?


The word nonsense describes anything that is silly, confusing, or not practical or logical in some way. In other words, nonsense would describe anything that does not make sense.
It was complete nonsense to believe that Jim could swallow three whole eggs at once. Even trying to do something like that would be bound to cause someone to choke.
Sarah asked Julie if she believed unicorns were real. Julie told Sarah it was a waste of time to think about such nonsense. They should be focusing on their homework instead.
Any idea or thought that seems to be nonsense can be described as nonsensical. Nonsensical thoughts or ideas usually go against truth, logic, science, or reason.
James says it is nonsensical to believe that we're the only life in the universe. He says it is only logical to believe that life must exist somewhere on another planet.
After having a bike accident last week, Josh told his mum he was going to stay inside from now on. She told him to stop being nonsensical and that accidents like that didn't happen very often.