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Broadband refers to a type of high¬ speed internet connection that uses a wide range of frequencies to allow messages to be sent simultaneously.
Ex: The internet at Millie's house is so slow. I think she might be the only person in town who hasn't switched from dial¬up to a broadband connection.
Ex: The conference center offers broadband hookups so that participants can easily connect to any information they may need from the Internet.
There are several different types of broadband connections. The connections often found in homes include DSL, cable modem, and fiber optic.
Ex: Fibre optic Internet connections are much faster than both DSL and cable modem connections, but this newest technology is not available in all areas.
Ex: Betty was thinking about switching from DSL to a cable modem, but she decided that it wasn't worth the hassle: the two types have about the same speed and the same cost.


A browser is a computer program that we use to navigate the Internet. We view websites by entering a site's direction in the browser's address bar, and then the webpage will load on the browser's main window.
Ex: Although many PCs come with the Explorer browser already installed, there are many other browsers that users can download if they prefer to not use Explorer.
Ex: Some websites do not load properly on all browsers, so it's important to check which browsers the site that you are viewing is compatible with.
Browser can also mean a person who looks casually at publications, websites, or goods for sale in a shop.
Ex: That salesman is rather aggressive in trying to convince browsers to purchase something. His salary must be based on commission, so he wants to make more sales to make more money.
Ex: I hope this colourful window display will catch browsers' eyes and encourage them to come into the shop.

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