Video appunto: Ascend and Rise


To ascend is to rise up, or to climb up something.
After the bride and groom meet at the front of the sanctuary, they will ascend the staircase to reach the platform where they will repeat their vows.
As the children in the school ascend the staircase to their classrooms each morning, a bell rings to let them know they are close to being late.

The word ascent means rising up or climbing up something. It should not be confused with the word assent, which means an approval. To give assent to something is to approve or give permission.
The ascent of the ants, carrying large pieces of food stolen from our picnic, to their large mound was a wonder to watch.
It is always interesting to watch the ascent of the human tower during the gymnastics show. We make it a point to see the show every year, if my father gives his assent.


To rise is to go from a lower position to a higher position or to attain a higher status. You can also express the same meaning with the phrase on the rise, which means to be increasing.
I know you are starting at a very low rate of pay, but if you are consistently punctual and hardworking, your pay will rise accordingly.
I have been working at the company for so long, I have seen many young people rise to the top of the organization or seek similar positions elsewhere.
To get a rise out of someone is to make them upset, or to get them to show a reaction.
Sometimes I think my brother doesn't even really have an opinion on the topics we argue about; he is just trying to get a rise out of me.
The heckler would stop at nothing, it seemed, but he was unable to get a rise out of the polished comedian, who had performed over 200 times that year alone.