The US Government

The Constitution divides the US Government into three branches.
They are the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
The legislative branch makes laws for the nation. Congress has two parts, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Congress meets at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.
The executive branch enforces these laws. The leaders of this branch are the President and the Vice-President.
When making important decisions, the President consult a group of fifteen advisors, known as the Cabinet.
Sometimes people have different interpretations of laws. In this case the judicial branch makes a decision. In very difficult cases the final decision is made at the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has nine judges. They meet at the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC.

The two main political parties

There are two main parties in American politics: the Republicans and the Democrats. The Elephant is the symbol of the Republicans and the Donkey is the symbol of the Democrats. The Democrats formed in 1828. The Republican Party was organised in 1854 to oppose slavery. The Republicans are generally more conservative than the Democrats. Famous Republicans are Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and George W.Bush. John F.Kennedy and Bill Clinton were Democrat Presidents.
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