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Romania and the UK

The U.K

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a union of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital city of U.K. is London and it is also capital of England; the capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh, the capital of Wales is Cardiff and the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.
The U.K. is a constitutional monarchy, the Head of State is Queen Elisabeth 2°.She reigns but she doesn’t govern. The British Parliament rules the country. In Great Britain there are two political parties: Labour and Conservative party. The country has magnificent old castles and atomic laboratories, small villages and large modern cities, ancient universities and modern factories. Scotland is famous for it’s lakes especially for Lake of Lochness because the people say it is a monster called Nessy. The English Channel separates Britain for France. It has helped to protect Britain from invasions. Since 1066, when William the Conqueror invaded Britain from Normandy and was crowned King of England, no other enemy has crossed the channel and invaded the country. Nowadays a big tunnel joins England from rest of Europe. The U.K. has a population of about 57 million people. Most of these people live in large cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. There are also very importan university in Great Britain, such as London, Cambridge, Oxford; in Scotland there is St Andrew’s university.

Romania is a country located in southeastern Europe. The capital city is Bucharest. It is a parliamentary republic. The constitution provides for a President, a Parliament, a Constitutional Court and a separate system of lower courts including the Supreme Court. The Romanian parliament is divided in two parties: Senate and Chamber of deputies. The Carpathian mountains dominate the centre of Romania. In Romania there are 13 national parks and 3 biosphere reserve: the Danube Delta, Retezat National Park and Rodna National Park. The climate in Romania is temperate and continental: spring is pleasant with cool mornings and night and warm days. Summers are generally very warm, with summers (June to August) where average maximum temperatures in Bucharest are around 28 °C. Autumn is dry and cool, with fields and trees producing colorful foliage. Winters are very cold.

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