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How paper is made

They cut trees into logs.
Trees are cut into logs.
They take the logs to the mill.
They remove boards from the log.
They make boards from the logs.
They convert the wood that is left over into a small chips that look like cornflakes.
They add chemicals and break the chips further down into “pulp”, a pudding of fibres and other components.
They clean the pulp.
They feed the pulp into paper-making machines.
A pump sprays a thin layer of the paper pulp onto a moving screen.
They press and dry the pulp.
They put the paper on huge rolls and cut it into various sizes.


12 000 species of animals are now threatened with extinction.
More than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon.
In many countries, rare species are not protected.
Tons of bitter are thrown away carelessly by people all over the world every month.
Are whales hunted in Japan?

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