Genius 13261 punti
Little riding Hood

Once upon a time in a little village, there lived a young girl who was loved by everyone, her grandmother loved her so much that che bought her a little red riding hood velvet; the girl fancied it a lot and liked this so much that she would always want top ut it on.
One day her mother sent her on an erran, to go to to her grandmother’s house with a piece of cake and a little bottle of wine after which she gave her some advice on what she ought and ought not to do.
On her way to her grandmother’s house little red riding hood met the wolf which was described by her as a wicked creature; she gave him some sensibile informations about where she was going to and described where her gramma lived.; the wolf later made her path ways and rana s fast as he could and ate up her grandmother at her house and also ate up the little girl when she finally came to her gramma’s place.Due to the snore produced by the sleeping wolf some huntsmen were attracted and decided to see what was on. They saw the wolf and thought he might have eaten human flesh, so with the help of a scissors they brought out L.R.R.H and gramma and using a strategy they made the wolf fell very heavy and he died at the spot.
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