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I could say that my life has changed by three important decisions. Maybe if I took different choices , today I’d be a different person with a different way of life. Summer 2006, was one of the most important . I remember that I graduated a year before and I was attending a Master’s Degree in Business Management . But after three years of hard studies I wanted to have a great and a new experience: I found myself in front of two possibilities: to accept a summer job for three months in Germany or a temporary job for a new opening at a Decathlon store.
Well, I decided to go to Germany without telling my parents about the other possibilities. I needed / this experience and in fact it was a really strong and hard one that has changed my life for ever.I used to work for 12 or 14 hours a day and also due to tiredness it is not easy working with people you do not know . I remember there were a lot of arguments with my boss or with the other team mates but all this helped me to grow and to enforce my personality. I love Germany and I will forever, because that is where lots of my dreams came true, even seeing dolphins gave me great emotions. I was far from my family and my friends and it is hard to meet new people every week. I was the leader of a Miniclub team, and 10 to 15 children were looked after me and it was a big responsibility. But I used to love those children and now I still text with some of them. From this experience I have learnt that one should never say that things are impossible to do if you don t try. Because life is strange, when I came back to Italy I found job in a Decathlon store and in that moment I began a new adventure and my life started changing again. I worked there for 5 years where I learnt a lot about my job, and my points of view changed a lot. I began as a cashiers and during those 5 years I got a lot of promotions and had lots of satisfactions. When I started working in this store I was a young girl with her first important job experience. I used to be shy, insecure, but after 5 years I became Vice director.

All team reported to me because I was recognized like a very skilled and reliable person. But as my job life was increasing quickly I started loosing my private one. I used to spend a lot of my time in the store and my free time with my colleagues. So when I was about to reach the last step to get a new promotion I decided to leave my job for another new work experience. The last but not least important decision that is influencing my life and myself every day is the choice I made when I left my parent’s home and to live alone. I think that during these last years I have learnt a lot of things, about cooking, cleaning, even about insects and especially about myself. It isn’t easy to manage a house when you work so many hours , and it is also expensive, but it is a big satisfaction. Step by step my home reflects all the experiences I’ve gone through, my stories, my colours, my hopes, my dreams, so I can say that this is the space in which I completely feel free and at ease. I don t know for how long I can stay in this same situation , in the same job place, or in the same town. Maybe there might be other choice, and my life will change again.

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