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English Phrasal verbs

Verbs followed by in

Absorbed in something (especially work or a book)
confide in someone
be engrossed in something (assorbito)
implicate someone in something
involve in someone in something
result in something
specialise in something
succeed in something

Verbs followed by for

Account for something
allow for something
apologise for something/someone

blame someone for something
care for something/someone
cater for something/ someone
charge someone for something
count for something
earmark something for a particular use (destinare)
pay for someone/something

Verbs followed by of

Accuse someone of something
remind someone of something
convict someone of something (condannare, convincere)
suspect someone of something

Verbs followed by with

Acquaint someone with something
associate something with someone

charge someone with something
clutter with something (passivo)
coincide with something
collide with something
comply with something
concern with something (passivo)
confront someone with something
confuse someone/something with someone/something
cram with something (passivo)
deal with someone/something
discuss something with someone
face with something (passivo)
ingratiate oneself with something
meet with something
pack with something (passivo)
plead with someone
provide someone with something
tamper with something
trust someone with something

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