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Institutions In Britain

The UK is constitutional monarchy. It means that there is a monarch (king or queen) and a Parliament. The monarchy is the head of state but he has a little power. The present monarch is Elizabeth II. The Parliament introduces new laws and it has real power. It is divided into: House of Commons and House of Lords. The House of Commons is very important. The members are elected by universal suffrage every 5 years.
The members of the House of Lords are not elected. There are British nobles and Bishops. They have limited power.
The seat of the British Parliament is the Royal Palace of Westminster, generally called the House of Parliament. In the UK there are political parties: the Conservative Party, the Labor Party and the Liberal Democrats.
The leader of the majority party (the party which wins the elections) is the Prime Minister (head of Government). His official residence is (at) 10 Dowing Street. Now day the Prime Minister is David Cameron.

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