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And, but, so, because, or

And, but, so, because, or si usano per collegare frasi.

And si può usare per collegare frasi brevi, espressioni o parole. Non è necessario ripetere soggetto, pronomi possessivi, verbi, preposizioni e articoli.

Every Monday morning Mr Rossi cuts the grass and (he) cleans his car.
Tommy cleans his teeth after breakfast, (after) lunch and (after) dinner.

But si usa per esprimere contrasto tra idee diverse.

Karen likes dog but she doesn't like cats.
James knows Juli's mother but not her father.

So si usa per esprimere il risultato di qualcosa.

The cake was really good so Mark had another piece.
The restaurant was closed so we went to a pub.

Because si usa per spiegare la causa di qualcosa.

Marco is studying French because tomorrow he have a test.
Carol can't run because she broke her foot.

Or si usa per esprimere un'alternativa.

You can have ice-cream or cake, but not both!

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