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I'm from Sweden and visiting Naples. I'm looking for a person in Naples, and maybe you can help me since you're students here...

I met a guy who studies at the university in Naples, and as I had lost/got
mugged of my wallet, he lent me money until I'd be able to fix things. I don't have the paper with his name and address, and of course there's hardly any chance whatsoever that you'll know him, but I'll still go for

He's 27, doing 2nd year biology, tried to be an artist before that.
He's been together with his girlfriend for 7 years and his girlfriend's sister lives in Rome.
His brother is studying to be a journalist/is a journalist.
He's got a black beard, black hair and is about 1.80

You don't happen to know him? Or maybe you have some
idea of whom I can ask that might now him (or where to
ask about him at the university)? I never expected
anyone to actually be _that_ nice to me in Naples, and
it feels stupid that I now have his money...

Anyway. Hope this inquiry doesn't sound too strange for
anyone to reply :)

Very grateful for your help,
Sandra Barcella
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Hi there!
Unfortunately, even if I tried...I'm pretty sure I don't know the person you're trying to find and these few "details" are not enough to understand ...But your message got my attention for its honesty and I'd like to help you with this "missing person".
If you're sure he studies biology I can tell you there're just two faculties here in Naples: one is in Via Mezzo Cannone n°8,16 (that we use to call "centro storico" and you might have heard of it) and the other one is in "Monte Sant'Angelo", a place close to Fuorigrotta.
I must confess it will be a bit hard to find him but you could try to leave some messages on the notice board of each faculties..
At least you'll make sure that a huge number of person will read it (unluckly just a few of us know this site) and you can give it a shot!
Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you need any (in case, for example, you want me to translate your message in italian, and this is important since not everybody speak English!)
In the meanwhile, good luck! (Or break a leg, as they say in GB!)
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