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Ciao a tutti,

Sorry to wrtie in English - my Italinian isn't good enough at the moment:)
My name is Patryk, I come from Szczecin - Stettino (a city in Poland) where I am studying law.
I will arrive at Genova in September as Soscrates/Erasmus student
I will stay at least for a one semester, but wish to stay longer, maybe untill June 2008.
I have got some questions about studying in Genova
I have to choose now some subjects/classes which I will learn in Genova and exams which I will have to pass.
Particularly I want to choose exams which are conducted by profesrors who are kind and helpful to foreign students, who aren't making problems with exams and who don't require too much knowledge:), who I can get good grades from:) and who speak English as well:)
Would you give some advice?
Can I learn especially these subjects:
1 European Union law
2 intelectual property law
3 criminalistics
is there any difference between criminalistics and crimonology in Italy?
in Poland the first is about crimes and the second is about criminals
4 theory of law
5 civil law with international element
6 work law - diritto di lavoro
7 tax law
Are the exams taken on these subjects hard and difficult?
Can you describe profesors who teach these subjects as friendly people?
Are there any other not complicated subjects that you can suggest to me?

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