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1 Where was Oscar Wilde born? Where did he spend most of his life? Who were his teachers at Oxford? How did they influence his future career as an artist?
2 What was his most important literary production / What was his main literary production?
3 What was his reputation as a man and an artist before the scandal that changed his life?
4 What is the picture of Dorian Gray about?
5 Why is Dorian Gray a negative character, as confirmed by the tragic end of the story?
6 What is the message in The picture of D. Gray?
7 In which scandal was Wilde involved in and how did the experience change his life?
8 What are the literary works he wrote while in prison?
9 Where did he go to live when he came out of prison?
10 Where did he die?
11 What is Wilde’s Aestheticism?
12 Can you mention any analogies and differences with D’Annunzio?

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