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Per favore mi serve un aiutino per riassumere con semplici parole questi argomenti di letteratura inglese??? Vi prego mi servirebbe per domani !! ^_^


Although the Rinaissance is often consired thebeginning of the nodern age, it is important to realise that the spirit of intellectual curiosity it promoted was essentially direct towards the past , in particular to the ideas and civilisations of acient Rome and Greece. This culture had partly been suppressed by by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages because of its paganism and spirit of free enquiry. For this reason many of the achievements of Greek, in science, mathematics, philosophy and natural history remained buried for centuries. In the renaissence the spread of learning was assisted by illiam Caxton in 1476. A consequence of this was the extension of literacy beyond clerics and monks. A key figure of Renaissance Humanism in Northern europe was Erasmus of Rotterdam, who published a new latin version of Grek Bible in 1516. Erasmus also encouraged the hope that it might become a lingua franca of educated people from different countries. In a certain respect we can say that the Renaissance was an age of confusion because old medieval ideals of myrth and astrology co-existed with the new progressive discoveries of science and philosophy. It is also true, however, that many commonplaces of the medieval mentality- the idea of fixed destiny and the beningn or malign influrence stars and planets, for example- were reinterpred in a way that permitted a new vision of man as an autonomous being, possessing free will.


During the Renissance the human figure and human thougth and action began take precedence ver the divine sphere whitch had dominated the medieval period, giving rise to a cultural movement called Humanism. Man, in this contex the Western male became the centre of artistic, cultural and moral anquiry and was exalted as the centre of the universe while various "others" including women and clonised "savages" were situated at its margins. In fact, although we generally think of this period as the begining of the road towards"progress" ,it is important to consider that this progess was possible thanks to the expansionist policies of the great European trading nations. These policies, which created the economic and social conditions for the developmentof modernity, would involve the conquest and economic explonation of countries in Africa,Asia and Americas.


Fterthe War Roses, England emerged with a new dynasty in power, the Tudors. The first Tudors king was Henry VII who defeated Richard III, last of the House of York, at the battle of Bosworth in 1458.During the reign of Henry VII, England saw a period of financial and governmental stability. He partly managed this by cleverly restructuring the patronage sustem. The foundations of English naval power were laid and a mercantile fleet was created to promote trade with foreign countries. When Henry VII died, his son Henry VIII came to the throne . His accession was considered by Humanist scholars as being the beginning of a new Golden Age. Henry VIII inherited none of his father's frugality preferring to maintain a magnififiecent court spending much of the wealth he had inherited. He enjoyed music , was a poet and keen sportsman, yet he was also brutal and executed those who angered him. In his attenmpts to produce a son and heir, Henry married six times. In the end he had just one legitimate son and two daughters. They became, in succession, King EdwardVI , Queen Mry I and Queen Elizabeth I.

Grazie mille ... ♥
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mi servirebbe pure a me per domani se per favore ci potreste aiutare.......grazie
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The English Renaissance flourished during the 16th century and it was very different from Italian one. The human figure and human thought began to be more important than the Divine sphere; this idea influenced the new cultural movement called Humanism. The spirit of the Renaissance was characterized by intellectual curiosity, in particular towards the culture of Ancient Greece, which had been somewhat opposed by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages because of its paganism and spirit of free analysis. The Renaissance was an age of confusion, because the old mythical medieval ideas coexisted with the new progressive discoveries of science. After the war of the two Roses a new dynasty emerged: the Tudors. The first king was Henry VII; during his reign England lived an era of stability. In 1509 Henry VIII came to the throne: he was a typical Renaissance prince who maintained a magnificent court because he liked music and dancing. He married six times. To marry Anne Boleyn and be divorced from Catherine of Aragon, who had given him Mary I, Henry parted from the Catholic Church with an Act of Supremacy in 1534 and declared himself ‘Supreme Head of the Church of England’. After the marriage, Anne Boleyn eventually gave him a daughter, Elizabeth I, but was executed. In 1558 Elizabeth became Queen
è tratto da qui... https://www.skuola.net/letteratura-inglese-1700/english-renaissance.html
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Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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