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Salve ragazzi potete vedere se c'è qualche errore qui?

The network is a great opportunity, social and also working, but also hides many dangers, especially as regards the privacy of minors, which should always be protected not only to protect their image but also to protect them from pitfalls and malicious. The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we live, travel, work and get in touch with people and it has done so radically that, today, it is considered a normal fact that children, minors and teenagers approach technology in a different way from the old generations. This can be good, because the network offers many opportunities, but it is normal to think also about the downside and what could be the negative aspects. What parents are required to do, in addition to supervising the work of their children on the web every day, is to try to educate them to the best, especially with regard to people with whom they may come in contact online. If in fact one of the first things that is taught to children is not to give confidence to strangers, the same must happen on the web. It is important to monitor who the children are talking with and to check which contacts they contact online to always be sure they do not give confidence to strangers online.
Chat and instant messaging services are a great way to communicate but, behind the anonymity of a contact, an impostor or a person who has the goal of luring the child and then pushing him to a real meeting can often hide. Controlling chat rooms on a daily basis is essential and if you notice something strange and suspicious, it is important to report it immediately to the authorities.
The internet newcomers are worried to send credit card details or wether children will came to across undesirable material. There are measures you can take to guarantee the integrity of warning site. To protect children from coming across undesirable material on the internet we have to use a special software. Whose programs block access to sites known to have unsavoury content. We can also get software that creates a log of all the sites visiting from your pc a check on a what our children have seen.


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