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  • Use then otes below and tell about an unusual story that has happened to you.

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Ludmilla 98
Ludmilla 98 - Eliminato - 257 Punti
It was... (period of the year/ day)
(say if you were alone or with somebody else)
(describe the place where you were)
(describe what you were doing)
when... (something happened)
(describe the event or the creature that you sae)
(find a suitable ending of the story)

PS: do not tell me that you have to write alone if not, do not ask for help from you, thanks in advance.
monkeyboy - Sapiens - 613 Punti
It was the middle of the summer and the weather was very hot. I was sitting in the garden with my best friend. We were under the cherry tree, on a blanket because it was the only place where there was shade. My friend was reading and I was looking at the sky when suddenly we heard something crashing through the branches of the tree. We were very scared. When I opened my eyes there was a snake on the blanket, so I screamed. I couldn't move. my friend started to cry. At first the snake didn't move then slowly it started to move away. We didn't move. The snake slid away under a bush and we quickly got up and went into the house. I will never sit under the cherry tree again.
MiK194 - Genius - 2838 Punti
must be a fiction or a real history?
Ludmilla 98
Ludmilla 98 - Eliminato - 257 Punti
thank you very much I've been a big help.
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