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Work with a partner and explain the difference in meaning between the verb phrases in italics in each pair of sentences. Use a dictionary if necessary.
1)A:My brother's just back from Australia so we're having a party to welcome him home.
B:Sit down and make yourself at home while I make us some dinner.
2)A:The living room overlooks a lovely square.
B:The kitchen opens out onto the garden at the back of the house.
3)A:When we have a loft conversion, we'll have a spare bedroom for visitors.
B:We're having an extension built this year, so the kitchen will be much bigger.
4)A:When i moved in, I did up the whole house, including putting in a new kitchen.
B:I've decided to redecorate all the bedrooms this year.
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non hai messo i verbi in italics, usa [i ][ /i] per metterli in itralics!
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