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qualcuno sa tradurmi questi passi..dovrebbero essere di Lord Byron..

the wild Albanian, kirtled to his knee,
With shawl-girt head and ornamented gun,
and gold-embroider'd garments, fair to see;
the crimson-scarfed men of Macedon;
the Delhi with his cap of terror on,
and crooked glaive; the lively, supple Greek,
and swarthy Nubia's mutilated son;
the bearded Turk, that rarely deigns to speak,
master of all around, too potent to be meek.

Ambracia's gulf behold, where once was lost
a world for woman--lovely, harmless thing!
in yonder rippling bay, their naval host
did many a Roman chief and Asian king
to doubtful conflict, certain slaughter bring.
look where the second Caesar's trophies rose!
now, like the lands that rear'd them, withering;
imperial monarchs doubling human woes!
god! was thy globe ordained for such to win and lose?

Childe Harold pass'd o'er many a mount sublime,
through lands scarce noticed in historic tales.
yet in famed Attica such lovely dales
are rarely seen; nor can fair Tempe boast
a charm they know not; loved Parnassus fails,
thogh classic ground and consecrated most,
to match some spots that lurk within this lowering coast.
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