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  • Traduzione di un testo di beowulf..per favore..

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Mi servirebbe la traduzione di un testo su Beowulf..Se potreste aiutarmi.....

Then Hrothgar,the Shieldings'helmet,spoke: Rest? What is rest?Sorrow has returned.
Beowulf,son of Ecgtheow,spoke: Wise sir,do not grieve.It is always better to avenge dear ones of us,living in this world
Means waiting for our end. When a warrior is gone
That will be his best and only bulwark.
So arise,my lord,and let us immediately
Set forth on the trail of this troll-damn.
Beowulf goy ready.
Donned his war gear,indifferent to death;
his mighty hand-forged,fine-webbed mail
would soon meet with menace under water.
It would keep the bone cage of his body safe:
no enemy's clasp would crush him in it,
no vicious armlock choke his life out.
To guard his head he had a glittering helmet
That was due to be muddied on the mere-botton
And blurred in the upwirl.It was of beaten gold,
princely headgear hooped and hasped
by a weapon smith who had worked wonders
in days gone by and embellished in with boar-shapes
since then it had resisted every sword.
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se vai su google.it e digiti nella ricerca la prima frase, ti vine fuori un link di google.books se lo apri a pag. 98 c'è il testo in inglese invece a pag. 99 c'è la traduzione che ti serve
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