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ho trovato in inglese questa versione di latino.Non è che voi grandi conoscitori dell'inglese potreste tradurmela in modo abbastanza letterale?

And are we to wait now for a scriptural con-
demnation of the amphitheatre ? If we can plead that
cruelty is allowed us, if impiety, if brute savagery,
by all means let us go to the amphitheatre. If
we are what people say we are," let us take our
dehght in the blood of men. " It is a good thing,
when the guilty are punished." Who will deny that,
unless he is one of the guilty ? And yet the innocent
cannot take pleasure in the punishment of another,
when it better befits the innocent to lament that a
man like himself has become so guilty that a punish-
ment so cruel must be awarded him. But who will
pledge himself to me that it is always the guilty who
are condemned to the beasts, or whatever the punish-
ment, and that it is never inflicted on innocence too,
through the vindictiveness of the judge it may be,
the weakness of the advocate, the severity of torture ?
How much better then it is not to know when the bad
are punished, that I may not have to know when the
good perish .** Certain it is that innocent men are sold as
gladiators for the show, to be victims of public plea-
sure. Even in the case of those condemned to the
games, what can you say to the fact that punishment
for the smaller offence should carry them on to
murder ? That is my reply to Gentiles. As for the
Christian, God forbid he should need further teaching
to hate the spectacle. No one however can fully set
out the whole story here, unless he be still a spectator.
I prefer to leave it incomplete than to remember.
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