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Ragazzi vi ringrazio molto per il vostro aiuto. Ho da chiedervi un ultimo favore, visto che domani ho l'interrogazione di Letteratura Inglese mi servirebbe anche la traduzione di questo brano entro le 8 di stasera.

Women's Hair-Styles

THERE is not so variable a thing in Nature as a Lady's Head-dress: Within my own Memory I have known it rise and fall above thirty Degrees. About ten Years ago it shot up to a very great Height, [1] insomuch that the Female Part of our Species were much taller than the Men. The Women were of such an enormous Stature, that we appeared as Grasshoppers before them: [2] At present the whole Sex is in a manner dwarfed and shrunk into a race of Beauties that seems almost another Species. I remember several Ladies, who were once very near seven Foot high, that at present want some inches of five: How they came to be thus curtailed I cannot learn; whether the whole Sex be at present under any Penance which we know nothing of; or whether they have cast their Head-dresses in order to surprize us with something in that kind which shall be entirely new; or whether some of the tallest of the Sex, being too cunning for the rest, have contrived this Method to make themselves appear sizeable, is still a Secret; tho' I find most are of Opinion, they are at present like Trees new lopped and pruned, that will certainly sprout up and flourish with greater Heads than before. For my own part, as I do not love to be insulted by Women who are taller than my self; I admire the Sex much more in their present Humiliation, which has reduced them to their natural Dimensions, than when they had extended their Persons and lengthened themselves out into formidable and gigantick Figures. I am not for adding to the beautiful Edifices of Nature, nor for raising any whimsical Superstructure upon her Plans: I must therefore repeat it, that I am highly pleased with the Coiffure now in Fashion, and think it shews the good Sense which at present very much reigns among the valuable Part of the Sex. One may observe that Women in all Ages have taken more Pains than Men to adorn the Outside of their Heads; and indeed I very much admire, that those Female
Architects, who raise such wonderful Structures out of Ribbands, Lace, and Wire, have not been recorded for their respective Inventions. It is certain there has been as many Orders in these Kinds of Building, as in those which have been made of Marble: Sometimes they rise in the Shape of a Pyramid, sometimes like a Tower, and sometimes like a Steeple. In Juvenal's time the Building grew by several Orders and Stories, as lie has very humorously described it.
But I do not remember in any Part of my Reading, that the Head-dress aspired to so great an Extravagance as in the fourteenth Century; when it was built up in a couple of Cones or Spires, which stood so excessively high on each Side of the Head, that a Woman, who was but a Pigmie without her Head-dress, appear'd like a Colossus upon putting it on. Monsieur Paradin [3] says, 'That these old-fashioned Fontanges rose an Ell above the Head; that they were pointed like Steeples, and had long loose Pieces of Crape fastened to the Tops of them, which were curiously fringed and hung down their Backs like Streamers.'
The Women might possibly have carried this Gothick Building much higher, had not a famous Monk, Thomas Conecte [4] by Name, attacked it with great Zeal and Resolution. This holy Man travelled from Place to Place to preach down this monstrous Commode; and succeeded so well in it, that as the Magicians sacrificed their Books to the Flames upon the Preaching of an Apostle, many of the Women threw down their Head-dresses in the Middle of his Sermon, and made a Bonfire of them within Sight of the Pulpit. He was so renowned as well for the Sanctity of his Life as his Manner of Preaching that he had often a Congregation of twenty thousand People; the Men placing themselves on the one Side of his Pulpit, and the Women on the other, that appeared (to use the Similitude of an ingenious Writer) like a Forest of Cedars with their Heads reaching to the Clouds. He so warmed and animated the People against this monstrous Ornament, that it lay under a kind of Persecution; and whenever it appeared in publick was pelted down by the Rabble, who flung Stones at the Persons that wore it. But notwithstanding this Prodigy vanished, while the Preacher was among them, it began to appear again some Months after his Departure, or to tell it in Monsieur Paradin's own Words, 'The Women that, like Snails, in a Fright, had drawn in their Horns, shot them out again as soon as the Danger was over.' This Extravagance of the Womens Head-dresses in that Age is taken notice of by Monsieur d'Argentré [5] in the History of Bretagne, and by other Historians as well as the Person I have here quoted.
It is usually observed, that a good Reign is the only proper Time for making of Laws against the Exorbitance of Power; in the same manner an excessive Head-dress may be attacked the most effectually when the Fashion is against it. I do therefore recommend this Paper to my Female Readers by way of Prevention.
I would desire the Fair Sex to consider how impossible it is for them to add any thing that can be ornamental to what is already the Master-piece of Nature. The Head has the most beautiful Appearance, as well as the highest Station, in a human Figure. Nature has laid out all her Art in beautifying the Face she has touched it with Vermilion, planted in it a double Row of Ivory, made it the Seat of Smiles and Blushes, lighted it up and enlivened it with the
Brightness of the Eyes, hung it on each Side with curious Organs of Sense, given it Airs and Graces that cannot be described, and surrounded it with such a flowing Shade of Hair as sets all its Beauties in the most agreeable Light: In short, she seems to have designed the Head its the Cupola to the most glorious of her Works; and when we load it with such a Pile of supernumerary Ornaments, we destroy the Symmetry of the human Figure, and foolishly contrive to call off the Eye from great and real Beauties, to childish Gewgaws, Ribbands, and Bone-lace.

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NON E' TUTTO....Inutile dirti che anche questo lo ho fatto ad impronta ma che testo è cioè i contenuti nn mi sembrano coerenti di cosa dovrebbe parlare??? cmq ricontrollalo vedo che nel testo ci sono delle note ricontrolla tutto col vocabolario:
Non ci sono cose più diverse nella natura che lo stile dei capelli delle ragazze: Per quel che ricordo li ho visti aumentare e cadere per circa una 30ina di gradi. Circa 10 anni fa erano cresciuti per una grande altezza, INSOMUCH che la parte femminile della nostra specie era molto più alta degli uomini. Le donne di questa specie avevano un enorme statura che noi apparivamo come delle cavallette davanti a loro: al giorno di oggi l'intero sesso e in un (modo nano??? = sicuro sia giusto????) e si riduce in una gara di bellezza che sembra quasi un'altra specie. Mi ricordo di molte Signore che erano una volta molto vicine all'altezza di 7 piedi, che oggi vuole circa 5 pollici: Come essi vennero così tagliati corti io nn posso saperlo. Se il sesso intero al giorno di oggi è colpito da una punizione di cui noi nn sappiamo nulla; o se hanno gettato le loro teste-vestite in ordine si sorprenderci con qualcosa di gentile che che è anche una novità, questo è ancora un segreto; io ho trovato mille e più opinioni esse sono al presente come degli alberi nuovi potati e tagliati, che certamente germoglieranno e fioriranno con le teste più grandi di prima. Per quel che mi riguarda, così come nn amo essere insultato dalle donne che sono più alte di me, io ammiro
il sesso molto più nella loro umiliazione attuale, che le ha ridotte alle loro dimensioni naturali dopo quando loro hanno esteso la loro persona e si sono allungate in figure formidabili e gigantesche. Io nn sono per aggiungere a cose già belle per natura ne per innalzare alcuna sovrastruttuta sopra i piani: Io qui devo ripeterlo, ora sono altamente grato al Coiffure ora io sono alla moda, e penso che questo mostra il buon senso col quale al giorno d'oggi regna fra la parte importante del sesso. Uno può osservare che le donne in tutte le età fanno molte più fatiche degli uomini per adornarsi l'aspetto esteriore delle loro teste ed effettivamente ammiro molto questo aspetto femminile Gli architetti che sollevano belle strutture fuori dai Ribband, lacci e legati non sono wstati ricordati per le loro rispettiva invenzioni. Questo è sicuro ci sono molti ordini in questo tipo di costruzioni, così come in quelli di marmo: qualche volta essi si innalzando nella figura di una piramide, qualche volta come una torre e qualche altra volta come un campanile. Nel tempo dei Juvenal le strutture crebbero con degli ordini precisi e delle storia come la bugia molto umoristica li ha descritti. Ma io non nessuna parte della mia lettura che la testa-vestita abbia ispirato u na così grande stravaganza come nel 18simo secolo, quando fu costruito una coppia di coni o uno stelo, che si sono elevati eccessivamente in altezza in ogni lato della testa, che una donna, che sarebbe un nano senza i suoi capelli acconciati, appare come un colosso quando li indossa. Paradin dice che: "Queste FONTANAGES antiquate aumentano un ELL sopra la testa; e che erano aguzzi come un campanile, ed avevano gradi pezzi di crepe attaccati all'estremita. che erano curiosamente guarnite ed appese giu dalla parte posteriore come delle fiamme
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È un brano che appartiene al "The Spectator" di Joseph Addison... Comunque grazie per la traduzione...
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