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potete per favore aiutarmi a cambiare un po' le parole del testo ma che comunque il senso rimanga lo stesso?? è importante perchè mi serve per l'interrogazione di domani! vi prego è urgentissimo! grazie in anticipo.

The Romantic novel
The state of the novel. At the end of the 18th century the novel was already a well-defined popular genre. By 1830, however, it had become the major literary form. fiction was already highly descriptive; now two other characteristics began to develop: the full analysis of a situation: a social situation, involving relations between different people and classes; or a character's state of mind; the incorporation of rhythms and constructions of the spoken language: dialogue was greatly improved and extended.

The novel of manners. Alongside the new Romantic sensibility, some authors still looked back to the 18th century, such as Fanny (Frances) Burney, who, with Evelina, created a new genre: “the novel of manners”. The same un-Romantic quality is found to a higher degree in Jane Austen, the major novelist of the early 19th century. Her best novels are set in provincial mibble-class England and are based on simple plots usually centred on love stories between genteel young women and men. Austen, who is considered the firdt great English woman novelist, excels in portraying female characters fromthe middle class to which she belonged.

The novel of purpose. also popular was the novel of purpose, written with the purpose of propagating ideas - especially social and political ones following the French Revolution. to achieve its ends, the novel of purpose often took over the plots and devices the novels of adventure and Gothic horror. the best-known example of this tendency is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a modern Romantic version of the very ancient dream of the creation of artificial life. the novel belongs in part to Gothic tradition and partly to the 18th century philosophical tradition - going back to Rousseau- that made of themes such as isolation and social injustice fictional subjects.

the historical novel. The Romantic interest in the past, the Middle Ages in particular, and in folk traditions was first expressed is novels by Sir Walter Scott. his plots are based on strange and uncommon incidents, linked them to the romance tradition. scott inaugurated the historical novel, that is a story set in the past where the actions and lives of colourful character events. he set a model that European writers, including Alessandro Manzoni and Victor Hugo, would follow well into the second half of the 19th century

The American short story. The short story answered the reading public’s request for brief and agile narrative prose, which came out in magazines. The best example of the new American tradition is certainly Edgar Alla Poe. In his short tales of mystery and terror, such as The Black Cat, Poe infused a truly Romantic feeling for the unexplored abysses of the human mind. Unlike the Gothic novels, in his stories the horror is internal, not external. Both in his detective and horror tales he carefully traces the logical steps that lead up (or back) to the crime, usually murder. As for most Romantic writers, for Poe, too, rational processes only highlight the failure of rationality and the triumph of instrinct and the irrational.

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scusa io per l' esame avevo il tuo stesso problema non fai prima atogliere dei pezzi ?????????
Demostene - Habilis - 290 Punti
io veramente volevo che qualcuno mi aiutasse a cambiare le parole da questo testo o un riassunto
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