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gatto01 - Habilis - 236 Punti
Per domani devo scrivere in inglese le mie opinioni personali sul film "The long walk home", che abbiamo visto in classe.
Io in classe non ho seguito e non so dare opinioni personali...
qualcuno che ha visto il film potrebbe aiutarmi?
Grazie mille :)
Gaiakick - Erectus - 75 Punti
Eccoti la mia recensione:

"The Long Walk Home" begins telling the story of the American civil rights movement in as good a place as any: the kitchen of a comfortable Southern home. It is here, in a suburb of Montgomery, Ala., in 1955, that Miriam Thompson (Sissy Spacek), a housewife in pearls, presides over pancakes and tennis dates and plans for the Junior League. It is also here that Miriam supervises the quiet, unobtrusive efforts of Odessa Cotter (Whoopi Goldberg), her maid. 

Odessa works hard, dresses neatly and never complains. She is inured to the tedium of the job, and to the little humiliations that go with it. And she is very fond of Mary Catherine (Lexi Faith Randall), Miriam's young daughter, who is left mostly in Odessa's care. One day, having taken Mary Catherine to a whites-only park at Miriam's instruction, Odessa is verbally abused by a young white policeman, but Miriam later makes the man apologize. "It's not like she was paradin' her own children around the park, for heaven's sake!" Miriam says in exasperation. 

In fact, Odessa has three children of her own but not enough time to spend with them. She must work at the Thompsons' even on Christmas Day, when the white family's abundant privilege contrasts especially sharply with her own family's lot. The film predictably but potently juxtaposes the Thompsons' blithe, unexamined existence with the much harder life of the Cotter family across town. 

Odessa makes a nine-mile trip to work each day, and she obediently rides in back of the bus. But when the Montgomery bus boycott begins, she supports the action gladly and without question. She begins walking to and from work, even though this means she is sometimes too tired to polish enough of Miriam Thompson's silver. And she begins coming home in such a state of exhaustion that her husband and three children are greatly worried. "I just got to get me some shoes that fit, that's all," Odessa sighs. 

Because Whoopi Goldberg is the most prominent black film actress of the moment, she is offered roles like this regardless of whether they suit her. In this film, in "The Color Purple," and in "Clara's Heart" (in which she played a funny, kindly Caribbean-born servant working for a white family), Ms. Goldberg has taken on roles that require her to stand by passively even when no audience can believe she would. This is especially noticeable in "The Long Walk Home," which allows Odessa little backtalk and in fact barely gives her much of a voice. She observes the injustice around her without publicly or privately expressing much indignation. 
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