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The Industrial Revolution
Economic liberalism. The new ideas of freedom for the individual also gave rise to the philosophy of economic liberalism. the 17th century had been the age of monopolies and protectionism, helped by state intervention. During the 18th century a different economic philosophy became accepted: economic liberalism meant free trade and unrestrained economic activity, summed up in the expression "laissez-faire" (literary, "let do). this was well illustrated by Adam Smith in "The Wealth of Nations": the tre basis of a nation's wealth is the work of its population, wich must be left free to act as it wishes.
The Industrial Revolution.The Industrial Revolution took place in England from about 1760 to about 1780 and from there it spread to other parts of the world. it was a process of change from an agrarian, handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manifacture. the change was so great that it had enormous social and political consequences. Fundamental to the Industrial Revolution were some technical innovation, favoured by the application of science to industry:
-the use of new materials like iron and steel;

-the use of new energy sources: coal, petroleum, electricity and the steam engine;
- the invention of new machines that greatly increased production and at the same time greatly reduced expenditure of human energy (and also the number of workers needed)

-important developments in transportation and communication;

- new organization of work: the factory system (division of labour and specialization of functiones.
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Non è molto chiara la tua richiesta, hai bisogno di un riassunto?
Potrebbe venire più o meno così:
"After a century of protectionism and monopolies, in the 18th century the new economic liberalism took place, when there were free trades and economic activities. In the same period there was also the Industrial revolution that changed the agrarian economy into a industrial one and led to a lot of consequences: use of new materials and energy sources, invention of new machines, new way of organizing the work."
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