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steven92 - Eliminato - 89 Punti
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Mi serve un testo in inglese(più o meno lungo,come volete)che parli del rapporto che ho con un mio familiare.Ovviamente potete inventarlo come vi pare :lol
Dolly92 - Habilis - 163 Punti
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my mom: i live with her and with my dad. she's always kind to me. i always tell her about my problems and together we try to make it up,sometimes we fight but after a couple of minutes we are as before,friends :) i love livin' life with her !
caligola - Sapiens Sapiens - 1379 Punti
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I am better with my mother, she understands and comforts me and knows when something did not go the right way, understands it looked.
With you I feel protected and safe, at least until a few years ago ..
(I spent what I had to say xD)
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