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Ciao a tutti, la mia tesina di terza media si basa sull'inquinamento del mare, ed è da diversi giorni che cerco un testo in inglese che parli proprio di questo argomento, ma su internet ho trovato solo testi troppo scientifici e complessi.
Mi serve un testo che parli appunto dell'inquinamento del mare in modo specifico ma in parole semplici adatte per il mio anno scolastico, purtroppo io non ho libri di civiltà in inglese che parlino di inquinamento quindi non ho potuto consultare nessun testo, se ne avete uno a casa o ne trovate qualcuno vi prego aiutatemi!!!!! :cry

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Not so plastic fantastic
Bottled drinks are big business nowadays. Americans get through two million plastic bottles of drink every five minutes, while here in the UK we spend one million pounds on them every day. Perhaps you are sipping mineral water from a bottle as you read this article. But what do you usually do with the empty bottle? Although many of us try our best to recycle our plastic rubbish, the sad fact is that only one plastic bottle in five gets recycled. The rest end up on rubbish dumps. And because plastic takes at least 400 years to decompose, our 'disposable' plastic bottles are likely to remain with us for a very long time. But it's not only on land that plastic is causing problems. Over the past decade we have discovered that there are huge areas of 'plastic soup' in our oceans. Of the billions of pieces of floating plastic rubbish which make up this 'soup', much of it is bits of plastic bottles and bottle tops. Of course, some of this rubbish comes from boats or oil and gas platforms. But most of it comes from the land and enters the sea from rivers and sewers. We now believe that ten percent of the plastic rubbish we throw away on land ends up in the sea. Globally, that's about ten million tonnes of plastic each year. This problem will definitely get worse, because plastic takes hundreds of years to break down in sea water and people are unlikely to stop using plastic bottles. One area of floating rubbish in the north Pacific is already more than twice the size of France. This plastic soup is already destroying the environment. Action Ecology recently spent a week on Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean, where we were looking into how plastic is harming the wildlife and slowly poisoning the environment. All over the island, we came across dead albatross chicks, whose parents had fed them bottle tops, cigarette lighters and other pieces of rubbish from the sea. I found it a truly heartbreaking sight. My team found plastic not only in the bodies of nearly half the seabirds we examined but also in dozens of other species such as fish, turtles, whales and dolphins. As more and more seafood becomes contaminated with plastic, it seems people might soon end up consuming their own rubbish. Isn't it crazy? For thousands of years, the ocean was a symbol of the eternal power of nature. When we looked at it, we felt small and our problems seemed trivial. But now it looks as if even something as huge as the ocean cannot cope with the amount of plastic waste that our civilisation produces.

The author is a marine biologist who is currently working for the charity Action Ecology

Fonte: http://engres.cba.pl/j3/1112/czytanki/2_success_inter/Not%20so%20plastic%20fantastic.pdf

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Ciao Giorgia,

quando citi un testo preso da un altro sito devi citare sempre le fonti! Ora la aggiungo io, la prossima volta fai maggiore attenzione e indicala sempre :)

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