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Eliot sustains that poetry should aim at a representation of the complexities of modern civilization. For him this complexity results from the fragmentation of the western cultural, mythological and religious tradition which he sees as a result of modernity and the process industrialization. Alienated modern man no longer experiences a coherent sense of moral and religious community whit his fellow men. His action are no longer governed by a shared ethical code and he himself is morally and spiritually empty. relations between the sexes too have become empty and loveless. From the French symbolist Jules Laforgue, Eliot derived the technique of juxtaposition according to which squalid elements are in contrast with poetic ones, trivial with sublime. In fire sermon we Find The Principal Theme Of the Sterility Of the Modern Life. THE TYPICAL modern woman IS INDEPENDENT, FREE SHE lives ALONE. SHE IS TIRED AND bored, apathetic BOTH MORALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. The protagonist woman’s Role, Tiresias, is Also Appropriate For The Masculine Protagonist Because he is now walking among the lowest of the dead. To Underline The Sterility and The Routine Of the Sexual action Among The Two Protagonists, ELIOT removes All The Romantic Notes.
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Eliot believes that poetry......
The modern alienated man cannot experience...

From the French poet Laforgue Eliot took inspiration to use juxtaposition of contrasting elements (high vs. low; trivial vs. poetic and so on)
In "The Fire Sermon", Eliot outlines the main theme of the poem, that of sterility

Per quanto riguarda il contenuto dell'analisi, mi pare un po' troppo banale
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