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Testo breve di una vacanza in inglese!

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Ciao Peppe

I really like travelling. whit my family i visited many beautiful places, but I particulary liked Paris. Paris is called "the city of love" infact it's visit by many people. i went to Paris 2 or 3 years ago. i went there with my family and with my cousin's family. we were there for 2 weeks, we stayed in a beatiful hotel, we had lunch in typical restaurants of the city and in the evening at the hotel. the weather wasn't very beatiful because many times rained a lot. we visited: Notre dame de paris, champs-elisèe, louvre, l'arc the triomphe, la dèfense and the "lido". the lido is a fantastic show were the ladies dance. i liked paris very much and i'd like to go back there again. when we finish visited paris, we went to Disneyland Resort Paris. Disneyland is a theme park. there i had a lot of fun with my cousin. that day wea fantastic and i enjoyed it a lot. before living "franch" we went to Versailles. it's a royal palace were one day lived the "sun king". Versailles it's very big, it has got a large garden and in the middle there was a splendid fountain.the thing i liked best was the room of the mirrors. we went back home on the 31th of august. i enjoyed that holiday very much. in the future i'd like to visit: Los angeles,san francisco, the Hawaii,Miami and New York.

Last year I went to London with my parents. I was very happy because I was never gone to London. London is my favourite city. this city is wonderful and very cosmopolite. so I asked to my parents when the school finished I'd like to go to london.
when school finished and I passed my exam. my parents gifted me an holiday in London. I cried for this wonderful present.
When we left I carried with me a small dictonary because I didn't know well english words.
we left at the airport of...(metti il nome dell'aeroporto della tua citta) at 18 in the evening and the travel lasted about two hours so we arrived at the airport of london. my father took ours suitcases and we went at the change office we changed our money in sterlin. after we went to take a taxi. the taxi took us and so we arrived at our hotel. the hotel was so biggest, there was a big gymn . the hotel was situated in centre of the town near kensigton . our rooms were at third floor. my room was big there was an hall, and a little dining room with a table with four chairs and a sofa and a little table with a tv. my bedroom was big there was three beds beacause I slept with my sisters, a desk with a chair a table with a tv a big armchair. in my room there were two windows and a balcony overlooked on the park of the hotel.
we spent in london two wonderful weeks. when I came back in Italy. that beautiful city missed me. I hope that holiday I will go to London.

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