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Potreste darmi degli appunti per scrivere un testo in inglese inventato su una vacanza in Calabria??

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Last year I went to Calabria. It's a great place, and the sea is beautiful. I had a lot of fun and I'd really like to go again to Calabria.
The weather was sunny almost all the days, but two times rained. I was very bored so I started to search other girl and boys in my hotel. I met two girls, Sofia and Giulia, and a boy, Adriano. We had a lot of fun and I left my e-mail address to them, so we can continue to be friends and maybe next year we'll meet again. I really hope so!
I also went to the beach. The water was fantastic, but on the beach instead of sand there were stones! They could hurt your feet if you care about them.
We also went to Paola, a big town near the sea, and we visited S. Francesco's church. It's a big church and I really enjoyed it.
I also took a lot of photos of the Queen's Reef. It's a big reef (it's 6 metres high!) and the legend says that on that reef a queen lived. A day some soldiers arrived to the queen's castle and she runned away from them. She survived and from that day she became a farmer and lived like her old people.
A jellyfish has also bite to dad. The man of the cafè near the beach told us that we had to put some coca cola on dad's wound. We did so and daddy recovered!
I really enjoyed my holiday in Calabria. It's a beautiful place and I've also found some new friends. I hope that on holiday we'll go again to Calabria!

Spero di averti aiutata! =)
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