andrea.g.ferri - Erectus - 51 Punti
Mi fate un teso sul gap year in inglese entro stasera? :)
missaglialfio - Erectus - 55 Punti
Dovresti stendelo prime tu in italiano, poi noi ti aiutiamo a tradurlo :)
andrea.g.ferri - Erectus - 51 Punti
Non so cosa scrivere
eleo - Moderatore - 21551 Punti

Ha ragione missaglialfio, però potresti prendere idee da qui
oppure da questo:

Before starting high school or joining the workforce, many students are choosing to take a gap year.
It is an opportunity to travel around the world, or to work in a local industry, even though some people consider it a waste of time.
To begin with, such a decision proves that the student is open-minded.
Studying at university is not just about diplomas and lectures, but also about becoming interested in what happens all around us.
Therefore, travelling to a foreign country helps improve one's language skills and also offers the opportunity to meet different people.
It may also strengthen the student’s ability to think about his/her plans for the future.
And finally, the advantages of putting a gap year on a C.V. are important, given that firms are still very interested in open-minded students.
However, spending some time abroad is not enough.
The student has to define the purpose of his travel by defining what is important for him or her.
A gap year must be distinguished from a holiday.
Humanitarian activities or student jobs are obviously good plans.
Furthermore, it depends on the student’s will.
A gap year may not suit every student.
The student must adapt himself to a new environment, a new culture or even a new work situation.
Thus, I believe that universities and families must encourage students to stop their studies in order to give their time to other people, rather than keeping it to themselves.


Dipende molto da ciò che devi scrivere al riguardo :hi

Bea and violin
Bea and violin - Ominide - 46 Punti
Anche io devo scrivere un testo in inglese e non so cosa scrivere, secondo voi di che cosa devo scrivere? Sono in seconda media. Mi serve un credito extra per giovedì, ci sono gli scrutini
Suzy90 - Moderatore - 9489 Punti

Bea and Violin, che tipo di testo devi scrivere? Sulle vacanze, sulla famiglia...? Metti giù un paio di righe sull'argomento che devi scrivere, e noi ti aiutiamo a tradurre :)

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