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Annarè_87 - Habilis - 270 Punti

Ragazzi devo fare x l esame di 3 media un riassunto sulla Street art. Qualcuno di voi può farlo?o rimandarmi a dei link dove è già scritto in inglese? Grazie.

Ada123456789 - Sapiens - 684 Punti

ecco qua,lo scritto io spero possa andare bene:
Street art is an original type of art that we can find only in the streets. Includes different kinds of terms, for example, graffiti artwork, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheat pasting and street poster art…
The origin of this denomination comes from the mass media, which have brought to the attention of a vast audience what was previously considered solely as an expression of youth's uneasiness, rather than a true art form.
Indeed, even today, the boundary between what is considered as vandalism and art remains very subtle, so much it is common enough to hear public debates about these issues.The public interest for this "street art" exploded around In 2000, thanks to Banksy's stencils, numerous books have been printed since then, and Street Art is often exploited by marketing companies. The impact of Street Art and metropolitan culture on the public imagery is by now Even more often, street art influences products and advertising campaigns, bringing this "street culture" into mainstream: in many stores you can find T-shirts with the prints of Banksy or Of other famous writers, as well as brooches, bags and many other commercial genres, while others, for example, Obey (Shepard Fairey) have created, in parallel with their artistic careers, true brands.
In spite of this, almost all street artists promote the lack of copyright on their works, encouraging the copy and spread, even providing kits and assembly instructions

Annarè_87 - Habilis - 270 Punti

Grazie grazie grazie

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