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mi servirebbe un testo di 100 parole in inglese, con l'uso del futuro, su come saranno i computer tra 20 anni
chiara95! - Eliminato - 378 Punti
Just look around to see how much our lives have changed thanks to computers and technology. In fact, you better watch young people for years now show us the path on which we painstakingly trudge to keep pace with the evolution that has become ever more rapid and radical. They do not, the kids today are moving with absolute ease in this world of bits. They do their homework with Wikipedia, you make calls with Skype (which they know to install the PC and we do not), send videos to YouTube, do cyberbullies and attending community with their fancy nick-name. In their eyes we are "homeless" technology (for some reason the latest models of computers and mobile phones always end up in the hands of children) and we have to defend ourselves as we can.

  The evolution of digital technology might come to our rescue if, as seems the trend for the next few years is towards a progressive simplification of the man-machine interfaces. By 2020, the date in question carried out by specialists of computer science, we could rely on increasingly powerful machines, but most importantly, on dialogue systems more and more easy, intuitive and immediate. Look, word, and hands will be our access keys to interact with machines: from pc to mobile from your handheld to digital paper, rolled up, on which you can download newspapers and e-books. These new interfaces will allow us to communicate with the machine in a completely natural way and, therefore, for us more immediate.

media convergence and simplification of the man-machine interface. Everything will always be condensed into instruments capable of doing everything as long as their use becomes more and more easy and intuitive for users.
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