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CIAO A TUTTI PERFAVORE POTETE CONTROLLARE SE QUESTO TESTO VA BENE R SE CI SONO ERRORI? GRAZIE In the Victorian era, it was a widely held belief that women writers were inferior to male writers. In the beginning of the Bronte Sisters' careers, they had to use fake male names in order to publish their work. Charlotte was published as Currer Bell, Emily was published as Ellis Bell, and Anne was Acton Bell. Before writing novels, the sisters first published a volume of poetry in 1846.
Many novels of the Charlotte, Emily, and Anne are based on women in Victorian England and the difficulties that they faced like few employment opportunities, dependence on men in the families for support, and social expectations. The Bronte's novels can be seen as "expressions of early feminism where the protagonist struggles to gain independence and self-reliance".
Charlotte Bronte's best known work is Jane Eyre, Emily's is Wuthering Heights , and Anne's is Agnes Grey.
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ti segnalo solo alcuni errori che ho visto:
"Victorian age" meglio di Victorian era
"al the beginning"
"many novels of Charlotte,..."
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