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cerco un tesina in inglese sul golf facile

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grazie tantissimo

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Grazie tanto mi serviva per l'esame che faro dopodomani grazieeeeeeeeee
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Golf is a sport in which a player must bring a ball in a hole dug in the ground by hitting it with different types of clubs, subject to the Rules of Golf, from a fixed point and using as few strokes as possible. Golf is one of the few games with a ball that has a playing area required: every golf course has its own unique path and is generally composed of 9 or 18 holes of various lengths. This sport was part of the Olympic program in 1900 and 1904. After several meetings between the top representatives of European and American tournaments with the Olympic Committee for a possible return of the 2016 edition of golf games, 9 October 2009 the International Olympic Committee ruled that the return game in the Olympic program [1].
According to the rules of sport, the game of golf consists of playing a ball with a stick from the start to send in a pit with one or more strokes executed

The origin of the game is a very controversial topic. It is generally accepted that golf is originally from Scotland where it is then spread in the British Isles and from there the rest of the world, but some fans and historians cite the existence of written documents, ordinances and decrees to protect the public from players , whose evidence seems incontrovertible. Steven van Hengel, Dutch historian, testifies to the practice of a game called "golf" in the Netherlands since 1297. The widespread opinion that the name derives by the acronym "Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden" is totally unfounded. The origin of the word should be sought, an approach etymological idioms in Dutch and Scottish medieval in the word "kolve" which meant poker [3].
It is difficult in any event settle the "dispute" that lasted for centuries, what is certain is that the game played by the Dutch is well documented by both edicts citizens who provide land for paths "maid", both by court rulings punished with fines that golfers ahead of which caused damage and disturb the peace coming to play within the city walls.

Old Tom Morris
There is to say, however, that the late thirteenth century, literacy was not widespread in Europe and particularly in Scotland. This may explain the absence of written material because it is possible that no one deemed it necessary to transcribe references a pastime practiced by few. The controversy over who invented golf has existed and will always exist. Some accuse Scots of having deliberately distorted in their favor, for reasons of patriotism, the origin of this sport.
Distinguished historian says that golf was invented after the founding of the University of St Andrews in 1413, but to support this claim is not brought any evidence [citation] while there is evidence that at that time golf was played in Scotland for more a century. So what certainly can be documented is that in the fourteenth century, commercial traffic between the Netherlands and the east coast of Scotland became ubiquitous and thriving, so if a game a bit 'fancy had taken root in Scotland in the Netherlands, the news would take very little time to spread in both directions across the North Sea. Some other event was the importation into Scotland of balls from Holland and oncoming traffic to cleek Scotland. In conclusion we can say that there are high chances that golf originated in Holland. It also documented that when golf is popular in Scotland the game Holland was no longer practiced. The first rules of golf were encoded by the responsible Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers.
The first example of golf in Italy we have with the Florence Golf Club founded in Florence by his strong English community in 1889

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