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  • Tema Su Tempo Libero e Shopping IN INGLESE !

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JackCutr1344 - Ominide - 34 Punti
Tema sul Tempo libero e sullo shopping tutto IN INGLESE !
Che ci siano almeno 100 parole in inglese che parlino appunto dello shopping e del tempo libero durante la giornata ! !
Aiutatemi vi pregoo !
tiscali - Tutor - 23880 Punti

Ti scrivo una traccia che comprende sia la parte sul tempo libero che quella sullo shopping:

In my week I've a lot of free time to do what I like; first of all, obviously I study and make homework, then I spend my time with my friends, with whom I do much things: for example I go to play football, when there is nice weather, or we go to run near my home, we go the pub in the evening; we also play some musical instrument, in fact we're learning to play guitar because we love it, and in the future I'd like to have a band with my friends. I like also stay at home during my free time while I listen music or chat on internet, download movies ecc.

But my favourite hobbie in my free time is undoubtedly to go shopping. I live in Rome and this city is one of the best in the world for shopping. I love to visit shops, trying clothes, buying, ecc. Almost every week, especially Saturdays I go with my friends to see clothes; I like to follow fashion because an important thing in my opinion is dressing good. Sometimes I spend a lot on clothes; the most brand that I prefer is Armani, especially jeans and t-shirt, while to buying shoes I prefer Nike. If I had a lot of money I'd go to shopping every week.

Sono brevi e abbastanza facili e comprensibili, spero di averti dato qualche spunto.

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