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  • Sto cercando un breve riassunto di Romeo e Giulietta in inglese... Perfavore (77599)

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Domani ho un' interrogazione d'inglese e devo portare un breve riassunto in inglese sulla Storia DI ROMEO E GIULIETTA.
e Impararla a memoria e interrogazione orale.
Potreste aiutarmi perfavoree :(

pS: Grazie per eventuali risposte.

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Guarda qui
sono sicura che troverai quello adadtto a te
ciao :hi
Ali Q
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Te lo scrivo io, se per te va bene. Quella di Romeo e Giulietta è una storia che conosco molto bene.

"Romeo and Juliet” is probably the most famous tragedy Willam Shakespeare has ever written and the most romantic love story of all times.
The play is set in Italy, in the city of Verona.
Main characters of this tragedy are Romeo -the young offspring of an ancient and noble family: the Montagues- and Juliet- the as much young offspring of another ancient and noble family of Verona: the Capulets.
These two noble families are enemies to each other and the struggles between the members of Montagues and the members of Capulets are not rare in the streets of Verona.

The turning point of the whole story happens the night Romeo and his friends decide to go to the masquerade ball at Capulets’ Mansion: as all the guests are disguised, they easily manage to enter their enemies’ house without being recognized by anybody.
Anybody but Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, who decides not to say anything that evening, but to get his revenge for such an intrusion by Romeo and his friends in another occasion.
Not knowing that Tybalt has recognized him, at the ball Romeo meets the fair Juliet, and they immediately fall in love with each other.
As their families are enemies, they can’t reaveal their feelings to anybody.
So, next morning, Romeo decides to visit Friar Laurence, his confidant, asking him to marry Juliet and himself on that day.
Hoping that this marraiage could be a possibility for the two families to reconcile, Friar Laurence accepts to celebrate secretly the marriage between the two kids.

Just a few hours after the secret wedding, Tybalt, who has not forgotten that Romeo and his friends entered Capulets’ Mansion the evening before, comes to Romeo’s friends to get his revenge. During the fight, Tybalt kills Romeo’s best friend: Mercutio.
Mad at Tybalt for what he has done to Mercutio, Romeo runs after him and kills him with his sword.

Scared for what he has done, Romeo flees to Friar Laurence, asking him for a place where to hide.
After knowing about the terrible struggle happened in the afternoon between Montagues and Capulets, the Prince –who rules on Verona- decides to banish Romeo from his town and to exile him to Mantua.

Romeo has no other choice (if he doesn’t want to be found and executed by the Prince) than leaving Verona and, after a secret love-night with Juliet, he flees to Mantua, with the promise to come back again to his beloved wife sooner or later.

But the terrible story gets even worse when Juliet’s parents, that ignore that their young daughter is married to Romeo, announce her that they are going to have her married to the gentleman Paris, the most respectful match of all Verona.

Being in panic, Juliet goes to Friar Laurence’s cell to ask for advice: she’s so desperate that she really doesn’t know what to do.
Shocked by the girl’s desperation, Frair Laurence –who’s expert of medicines, herbs and poisons- suggests her a plan: the night before the marriage, she’ll have to drink a vial containing a potion. That potion will conceal every vital sign from her, thus making her look dead for some hours.
Thinking she’s dead, her parents will lay her body in the old crypt, where Capulets are used to bury their late relatives.
In the meantime, Friar Laurence’s going to send a messanger to warn Romeo, exiled to Mantua, to come back to Verona and to reveal him that Juliet is not dead, but she is instead waiting for him in the crypt to take her to Mantua.

So it happens, and Juliet, that everybody believes as dead, is taken to the old Capulets’ crypt.
But fate is enemy to the two young lovers, and Romeo, because of some unfortunate circumstances, doesn’t receive Frair Laurence’s message.
Having heard from his servant Baldassar that Juliet is dead, he gets mad and decides to come back to Verona anyway to see Juliet’s face once again and then kill himself.
There, in Capulets’ crypt, Romeo sees Juliet’s dead body and then kills himself drinking some poison bought from an apothecary.

Just few minutes after Romeo’s dead, Juliet wakes up from his deathlike sleep. Understanding that something went wrong and seeing Romeo’s corpse at her feet, she decides to kills herself too. So she takes Romeo’s dagger and stabs herself.

The conclusion of this terrible and romantic tragedy is said by the Prince, at the end of the story: hate just brings death.

Ciao, spero che possa aiutarti!

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Imparare un testo a memoria in inglese (secondo me) non serve a niente; perchè ripetendo, è possibile che il/la tua prof ti faccia una domanda e tu, avendolo studiato a memoria, non capisca cosa ti stia chiedendo o non sappia rispondere.

Guarda qua:


Cerca di studiarlo, senza sapere a memoria frase per frase. Anzi, se ti posso dare un consiglio, memorizzati il riassunto in italiano, quindi impara il riassunto in italiano, dopodichè quando comincerài a ripeterlo in inglese cerca di tradurlo dall'italiano. Magari impiegherai un pò di tempo in più ma per riassunti brevi come questo può esserti d'aiuto. Fammi sapere se il riassunto va bene. :)
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