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Inventare e scrivere una descrizione del tuo meglio amico con 60.80parole in inglese includendo queste informazioni

Personal information (age, family)
Physical appearance(hai, eyes)
How he. She del about his. Her appearance
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y Best friend is Marco. He is 13 years old and he is a very good boy.
His hair is back and the eyes too. He's very thin, but he eats so much...His face is very clear and solar.
It's tall 1.80 about, for this reason he goes swimming, the doctor gave him an advice.
He loves jeans and he wears only shirt. He hates t-shirts.
His favourite sport is football, is a Chelsea fan, his favourite footballplayer is Lampard.
Every week he goes to the stadium, to watch the match.
He goes at St. James College, and he frequents the third year.
He loves English but he hates's very horrible for him...
His a very solar person. He's very helpfull with all the person, alwais ready to give a smile to the poors. His very sympa. Every day, I meet him with others friend at the park and we enjoy...
Hi's very generous, everything share with us...oh...he's a formidable people...
The negative side of his character is laziness.
For example every morning at school he comes late. But what we can do!
He's very greedy, he eats in all the moments, but he doesn't fatten up. He goes very crazy for desserts and pasta...
This is best friend...

cambia i nomi ecc a tuo piacimento
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Scrivila tu in italiano e poi ti aiutiamo a tradurre. Oppure scrivila in inglese e poi la analizziamo insieme. Sarebbe meglio (e più gradita) la seconda opzione.
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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