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ciao a tt

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Your company is considering reaplacing all of the office pcs with laptops. Write an email to your boss explaining the benefits for the employees and the company

spero ke qualcuno mi aiuti,xke io nn so ke scrivere

grazie mille in anticipo

ciao ciao

frequento la 4 istituto tecnico ragioneria
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traccia: perchè i portatili sono co nvenienti [aziendalmente ] rispetto ai fissi
[a parte ke nn è vero tute le volte xke in genere a parità di prestazioni costano di più e poi sono più legati alla presenza della persona ]
occorre fare alcune ipotesi in merito al lavoro che viene svolto dalla ditta : per es a un avvocato o a un commercialista convengono , ad un geometra o a un ingegnere edile no
detto ciò proviamo
Dear sir
i was informed that the Board is exploring the feasibility of replacing all desktop computers by laptops
if my opinion as a tech may be of help i would propose some issues to be evaluated
While it is known that at the same level of performance laptops cost more than desktops , it is equally true that , in a work like ours that mostly consists in srtandard format document editing and iterative computing , or theoretic R&D , laptops may be better suited , expecially if they are given in personal finalized used to employees because , with the help of fast and reliable network connection , they can be used everywhere , thus reducing the need for localysed working places and the related costs
BE aware however that this increments the risk of data loss and stealth , so a need will develop for a tighter system of authentication and a good long key cryptography system
Finally , since they are much easier to customize , their configuration both in HW and SW must be carefully planned and mantained at central level
In view of all these proposed issues i [strongly recommend - discourage scegli tu ] this move
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