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Backtodecember - Sapiens Sapiens - 1263 Punti
Ciao a tutti avrei bisogno di aiuto: la nostra prof di inglese ci ha dato da scrivere un breve paragrafo seguendo delle domande. Noi in due anni di superiori abbiamo fatto solo grammatica inglese e non abbiamo mai scritto niente.

Vi scrivo le domande:
What you are going to pack?
How you are travelling?
Who you are travelling with?
Where you are staying?
What you are/ arent'going to do on holiday

Grazie mille in anticipo :hi :blowkiss
Slippers - Genius - 13137 Punti

Taking a holiday and in particular visiting the London City with my family and relatives has always been my biggest dream. My brother travels a lot and haven done some research on the net we were told some important things not to forget before leaving home heading to the airport: our luggages have to contain heavy winter clothes that can hold cold (seeing the holiday was held last December for 2 weeks), shoes, necessary gadgets and obviously documents for proper identification. As a teenage girl attached to her MP3 player I had to pack the instruments like earphones just to be in touch with the music world. We rented an apartment near the Town Square instead of lodging into a hotel or staying at a bed&breakfast and it was awesome because we had free internet connection and the food was good. My family plans were to visit the famous areas in London: the Tower, the London Wheel or Eye, the Church of England (knowing that my grandmother is very religious), London bouroughs and many more. It has been the best holiday of my life because everyone had fun and we didn't get to spend much considering all the services we received. I definitely would love to visit other places around the world in future.

Ciao, Silver :hi :hi

Backtodecember - Sapiens Sapiens - 1263 Punti
Grazie mille davvero :hi :hi
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